Marcus Flint aka Louisiana Beedy

(Jan. 31, 1991 - present)

Born in Oakland, California, USA.

Hometown : Leesville, Louisiana, USA.

Currently resides in Lomita, California, USA.

A black contemporary American creator making contributions to black imagery and conceptualism.


While working in variety of media and genres (from songwriting to portrait painting), Beedy's most infamous works take form as esoteric acrylic portraits. he imbues a proud, dignified presence unto its subjects, often implementing a gold-colored background.

provided illustrations for help me with My blended family by Dr Sheral zeno in 2010

graduated from SW Arkansas College of Barbering and hair design in April 2015.

on december 3,2016 beedy gifted a portrait painting to officer norman. the interaction video on his facebook has been watched over 2 million times.

on august 30, 2017 one of beedy's twitter post went viral, reaching over 5 million impression. he went from 2,000 followers from his teetering music career to nearly 21k in a matter of hours. twitter user (@__jaypipe) quoted the tweet with the caption "This nigga a hood picasso" and the rest is history.